Friday, September 30, 2016

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Where to Puff When You Can’t Smoke at Home?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where either we live with our overbearing parents or some unfriendly roommates. If you are in a situation like this where it is nearly impossible to smoke at home and you feel like you really need to smoke a bowl but none of your friends are picking up their phones, do not fret there are alternatives.

One of the safest places to smoke is in a new housing development. It sounds weird I know, but where houses are being built or have just been completed you will rarely find police officers. There just aren’t enough people living in new housing developments to warrant police activity. Another great thing about new housing developments are the model homes. If you’ve never tried it you should, faux house hunting is extremely entertaining when you are freaking stoned and often times they have bottled water, snacks or other refreshments to cool down that cotton mouth.

If you don’t live anywhere near a new housing development the next best place to go is to a carwash. The kind of carwash you can drive through yourself. What’s especially fun about this is that you can hotbox the crap out of your car while you get your car nice and clean. It’s also incredibly safe because no one can see inside the carwash so smoke away!

Another fun place to smoke and it takes some circumstances but during Christmas time driving through the really expensive housing complexes is a real treat. You can safely drive through richer areas any time of year but during Christmas it is especially fun to see Christmas decorations at their best.

A great place to smoke is just in your car, but especially when there is inclement weather. Much like smoking in the carwash the rain provides you with a safe cover. When it’s pouring rain outside go out to your car and smoke a few bowls. The rain will also provide you with a lulling music to smoke to. The car is your friend pretty much anywhere you can go in a car is going to be a relatively safe place to smoke pot whether it’s raining or not.

Obviously the aforementioned places to go all involve owning a car. So if you don’t own a car the best place to go is to nature trails, go hiking. I know walking doesn’t always sound like fun but when you’re stoned and in the arms of Mother Nature you’ll cultivate a sense of complete and utter peace.

So now that you have a few places to go to get stoned hopefully you won’t find yourself stuck and sober because god knows that’s just unbearable at times. Owning a car is key but like I said earlier if you don’t own a car you still have options, smoking out in nature provides you with the safety of isolation and the comfort and beauty of the natural world.





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