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Short summary of NJWeedman's goal-mission with this project


Robert E. Forchion better know as "NJWeedman" is currently considered the most prominent African American marihuana activists in our nation.  Recently, he won a major Jury   "marijuana" case in New Jersey.  For more details, please review NJWEEDMAN UPENDS MARIJUANA LAWS . In order to take the Jury Nullification enlightenment nation wide, your assistance is needed.  
Please support this nationwide educational cause by sending contrubting to this campaign - show support.
Together, the truth can become a reality!!!! 



NJWeedman diagnosed with Bone Cancer, is a legal recipient of medicinal marijuana.  As one of the Mose outspoken American Marijuana Activist, of any races' he feels the use of marijuana, medically or recreationally, is a Constitutional right that should not be suppressed by Government Officials.   His perspective on the "War on Drugs" has Been reported for years by mainstream press outlets.  The recent 2012 case in New Jersey was a major victory and a highlights how important, as well accurate his view are.  A Reefer Revolution has long been predicted and has begun with the Jury Nullification victory.  Some called NJWeedman the 21st century William Penn. Others think he should be in the Penn.  And like William Penn, On October 18th, 2912, a New Jersey Jury set him free. (READ: JURY FINDS WEEDMAN NOT GUILTY ) - ( Jury upends marijuana laws, NJWEEDMAN walks free )


THE PLAN - iterniary

To start the journey of Jury Nullification enlightenment, NJWeedman needs support and contributions.  The Summer long tour begins filming and broadcasting July 1st, 2013 in Hollywood, California traveling around the country ending at the Burlington County Courthouse on September 6th, 2013, for "Jury Right Day."
We'd like to travel around the west for a first the few weeks, hitting northern California, Arizonia, Nevada, Colorado and then heading to the mid-west. Coming back West for the Seattle Hempfest August 16-18th then proceeding to the deep south before anding up on the east coast around the first of Sept.
While he must continue to receive his bone cancer treatments, NJWeedman is determined to get the message out.  Once back in New Jersey, his 2013 Election campaign will begin..."NJWeedman for Freeholder."
NJWeedman was quoted saying, "My life was saved by Jury Nullification and I want to give back to society by helping other Marijuana defendants across the country.  Enlightening the local public to a Constitutional tool for "WE THE PEOPLE" to win this "War on Drugs"  with NULLIFICATION!  This is a real "WAR" that is waged on "us" by our Government.  We must fight back con Capitulation! No Cooperation! No Convictions."

On Sept 10th Forchion goes back before Judge Delehey (He owes him at least 46 days more in jail). Can you believe this script? Its true, its real, its Og its the NJWeedman Super hero to the Potheads story.


Jim Babb and NJweedman holding JN sign outside Burlington County NJ courthouse during NJWeedman's trial.(Oct 2012)

 "My life was saved by Jury Nullification and I want to give back to society by helping other marijuana defendants across the country. Enlightening their local public to a Constitutional tool for "WE THE PEOPLE" to win this "War on drugs" with NULLIFICATION!"



NJWeedman plans to go on the offense with his message, but your help is needed.  By "Pimpin out the WEEDMOBIL  and fitting it with state of the art video and audio equipment, the vision of a Reality Show and Documentary can become a reality.  Your help is needed to get these projects off the ground.

"Why must "we the people always be on the defensive?" stated NJWeedman.We must resist, we must fight back no Capitulation, No Cooperation and no convictions.  "I refuse to allow my options of "offense" be taken off the table.  It is my right to question the law of my Jurors. This is the ultimate David and Goliath story!"
With enough support, NJWeedman can take the WEEDMOBIL  on the road visiting cities and towns across the country.   By getting airtime on local radio and television stations, NJWeedman can lend support and Jury Nullification enlightenment to targeted Juries a communities nationally.Getting airtime on local radio and TV. Stopping at "high" profile marijuana festivals such as the, Seattle Hemp Fest, and Boston Freedom Rally. To make a civil disobedience protest in Orlando for Mr Shimdter. All the while video recording everything around and in THE WEEDMOBIL, the center of his travels.

Most importantly NJweedman wants to roll into towns a few weeks before a marijuana defendants trial begins. With the goal of using himself and THE WEEDMOBIL to generate news stories in the local newspapers talking about Jury Nullification - reaching this individuals potential jurors. NJweedman wants to distribute massive amounts of fija fliers ( ), and pass out leaflets explaining Jury Nullification all round the courthouse precending trial  as he did in his own trial - 


With the public's support, NJWeedman can pitch this concept to major TV networks.   The ideal outcome will be once the show gets publicity, Defendants nation-wide wishing one seeking to use the NJWeedman defense will enlist his help. The vision is Defendants would call and request the   WEEDMOBIL come, support their case and promote Jury Nullification.  ( These Defendants would appear in that segment, explaining their situation and intentions.   Those appearing would be featured as that where's Drug War Victim.


If you'd like the WEEDMOBIL to come to your town, donations are needed for travel. (See: VISITOR PERK).      
Help put together a Jury Nullification protest at your County Courthouse and request NJWeedman's presence.  Contact your local press and enlighten your neighbors, and facebook friends about the importance of this Jury Nullification Tour.




The Impact

 The impact of this project on America's “WAR on DRUGS” as a whole could be enormous. The plan is to travel the whole country going to urban and rural comminities alike White communities and brown communities. If this project gets picked up by a network as a “reality series”, or real life documentary it could impact how thousands of marijuana defendants who chose to defend themselves. The show would be about the travels of NJWeedman in his Weedmobil but the main goal would be to enlighten Americans to the concept of Jury Nullification as a defense to the tyrannical prosecutions of peaceful pot smokers. (victims of our nations war on drugs.

This is the type of press coverage I got when I did this for my own case and I believe I could use THE WEEDMOBIL and myself as examples to locals on how to win marijuana cases with a jury. - ( THE TRENTONIAN - VIDEO INTERVEIW FROM INSIDE WEEDMOBIL )






(1) - Cash $$$$$

(2) - Executive Producer

(3) - Writer

(4) - Co-star/Co-driver

I'd like to find a auto shop in Los Angeles willing to "Pimp-out" the interier of THE WEEDMOBIL, we'd film this as part of the first episode in exchange for the work.

$$$$, a EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, writers, co-stars, Cameras, the weedmobil repaired and some pimping out, Gas money, food money, living money, support for the editing/film crew, hotel fares. Come on some well off smoker out there has got to think this is a good project - $420.

The more cash raised the better this project will be! Come on Stoner Army & the Cannabis Consuming Community of America support this. George Zimmerman has raised over $1,000,000 as the face of the Standy Your Own Ground "murder anybody" Law, and I with millions of Marijuana users who want to end the "War on Us" has problems? All potheads please donate $4.20!


What is needed


(1) - Pimping out of THE WEEDMOBIL

(2) - 8 GoPro cameras

(3) - Insurance

(4) - Road repairs ( wheel alignment, new front tires - tune up)


Other Ways You Can Help

If can’t contribute $$$, that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Help get the word out via social media and make some noise!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!
  • Call your local press
  • Contact your favorite "weed celebrity" tell them to support this!
  • Let defendants in your area know about this project.
  • ALL POTHEADS should help with this - The Jury Nullification Project






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