Friday, September 19, 2014

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Tune into 2Raw4FM for The Kottonmouth Kings on Psychopathic Radio tonight!

Kings and Kweens, tune in to on Psychpathic Raio tonight to hear the Kottonmouth Kings and check out the new video "Roll Us A Joint". The show airs from 11PM - 1AM EST, that's 8PM - 10PM PST so don't be the only one who missed to broadcast!

Origix & D.C have broadcasted The Zone Radio over the air waves of Detroit; bringing the freshest underground hip-hop to your ears. Now joining forces with Psychopathic, Origix & D.C bring their online show 2 RAW 4 FM to Psychopathic Radio. The program consists of exclusive interviews, uncensored music, give-a-way’s and theme shows. Listen in for the industries hottest independent artists on 2 RAW 4 FM as they drop knowledge about the history and future of the music game!


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kottonmouth: Ganja Glow-Burning across the Globe
kottonmouth: Ganja Glow-Burning across the Globe
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therealdloc: P-Nut @paisleymariemiller and myself's having a moment hanging in the tree's today! going outside makes her...
kottonmouth: Protect and Serve-Royal Family