Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Top 5 Half Baked Truths … Debunking Canna-BS

 The five most over hyped half-truths about marijuana…

The Cultivation of Cannabis-Hemp Will Save Our World:
while it’s absolutely true that hemp is an amazingly versatile plant, with a multitude of uses. Including fuel, textiles, food and medicinal properties. It will take considerably more than that in order to help save our fossil fuel loving world. As I sit and pound on my keyboard. There are currently 31 countries across the globe which encourages the cultivation of hemp for industrial purposes.  So is America’s hemp prohibition all but doomed our little blue sphere to a sweltering demise? I think not. While Americans are high on the list of overactive consumers, we are not alone.  Wake me up when there are hemp-based cheeseburgers, MacBooks, and Louis Vuitton shoes.

2.)    Marijuana Cures Cancer: While there is daily progress, and are scientific studies showing how the active cannabinoids in marijuana help to kill certain cancer cells in scientific settings, one must remember to keep in mind that cancer is incredibly complex disease with many abstract variables. So the blanket statement that “cannabis cures cancer” is more than a bit misleading. While It absolutely helps in mitigating many of the unwanted side effects from chemotherapy, and THC is known to kill certain cancer cells. It is by no means a “cure for cancer.” The most basic analogy I can think of to demonstrate my point would be: “bread mold cures infection” – not true. While everyone knows that penicillin was made from bread mold. And bread mold lead to the discovery of penicillin, and penicillin led to a wide spectrum of life-saving antibiotics. But bread mold does not cure infection.

3.)    Marijuana Legalization will save law enforcement money: When was the last time you ever heard of a federal bureaucracy returning unspent funds? Never…which is exactly my point. As marijuana legalization advocates try to put a number on the dollars saved, should marijuana arrests and prosecutions be taken out of the calculation, for the ‘total cost’ of the war on drugs. The elephant in the room — is the fact that bureaucracies die hard, and instead of returning those funds they would be reallocated to some other criminal venture which needed federal attention.

4.)    Pot is Benign: While there is little doubt that smoking a joint does far less damage than drinking, taking over-the-counter pills, smoking cigarettes, eating fast food, consuming large amounts of sugar, or many of the other daily activities that are common in American life. Regardless of what it is you’re smoking, the operative word is still “smoking.” The last time I checked, there wasn’t much that you could smoke… that your lungs would deem, completely harmless. In the same way that a person can overdose from consuming too much water. While very uncommon, there are some people, who when they consume weed over an extended duration, are prone to experience a recurring vomiting condition. In the same way that some people have adverse reactions to peanut butter, dairy product, and other food items. Weed… just isn’t for everybody. There are some folks for whom marijuana consumption can do great harm, primarily those suffering with specific mental illnesses.

5.)    Unbelievable Presidential Quotes On Marijuana: Most within the marijuana community would like to think of our early presidents as libertarians; bent on the freedom of expression — including the consumption of some early 18th century chronic. Unfortunately when one does a little fact checking it’s relatively easy to see that Thomas Jefferson was not kicking back on the back porch, with his maid girlfriend, smoking a bowl. Neither was Abraham Lincoln known to stuff his corncob pipe with any early American weed, while proclaiming “prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance.” These statements just never happened… And have long since been proven false. Were not saying that the sentiment of any of these statements is incorrect, they’re not. What we are saying… Is that there is a difference between perception, and reality.



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