Friday, April 18, 2014

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SRH Fest 2012 Highlights

You’ve seen the interviews and the pictures and if you were there you might even remember a few of the live shows, but for those who missed out or need their memory jogged we have put together a highlight reel of all the bands that played the 2012 SRH Fest at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Check it out below and please share everywhere.

Big thanks to SRH Clothing, Suburban Noize Records and Kevin Zinger for the hospitality.



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TheDirtball: Headed to sound check. See you at the Elysium! Gonna be a good one!!!! #firestrike
kottonmouth: 420 weekend kicks off tomorrow! Is Reefer Madness Back? Wisconsin signs limited CBD bill into law! All this and...
kottonmouth: In memory of Sonny Tipton a.k.a. Officer Babbit
TheDirtball: Playing a show in Austin, TX at 8:00 PM today at Elysium