Wednesday, November 25, 2015

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Springfield Cannabis Regulation Vows To Defend Marijuana Ordinance And Springfield’s Initiative Process

Springfield Cannabis Regulation has contacted members of the Springfield City Council to declare its intent to defend an ordinance reducing the penalties on simple marijuana possession. Several council members have proposed amendments to the measure, ranging from a compromise to remove a citizen oversight committee to a complete repeal of the ordinance.

“We are very pleased with the council’s decision to pass the initiative proposal we submitted,” said Maranda Reynolds, President of Springfield Cannabis Regulation. “However, we are distressed that two council members claim to have voted for the ordinance only to prevent it from going before the voters in November, with one expressing his intent to ‘gut’ the entire measure. Such a tactic makes a mockery of the initiative process.”

“We certainly do not oppose removing any truly illegal provisions in the measure,” Reynolds wrote in an email to council members on Tuesday, “but, if you choose to ignore the clear intent of Springfield City Charter’s initiative law and opt for a repeal of key provisions, we are prepared to pursue litigation, a referendum petition and, if necessary, gather the signatures required to bring this issue before the Springfield City Council and voters again.”

“We believe there is an acceptable compromise out there for everyone involved, and we are entirely willing to discuss such a compromise. However, we will use any and all tools at our disposal to prevent the council from circumventing the very heart of democracy.”

Springfield Cannabis Regulation is a group of Springfield citizens who believe that the penalties for cannabis possession are too harsh and should be reduced. The group seeks to engage the voters of Springfield in a discussion about these polices and show that they are draconian, a drain on public resources, and a detriment to social order.

Press Release From Springfield Cannabis Regulation


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TheDirtball: Gettin' the rig dialed in for some solo FS runs this summer...... #firestrike
TheDirtball: Gettin' the rig dialed in for some solo FS runs this summer...... #firestrike
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