Saturday, January 31, 2015

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R.I.P. Big Pak!

Kings and Kweens,
We are out on the Mile high tour preparing for the release of "Mile High" this tuesday-At such a exciting time for the Group. We were blindsided, shocked and saddened by the terrible news about former member & friend, Pakelika's sudden death. Nothing prepares you for such news. It is another example of how precious life really is. It has been a couple years since Big Pak performed with the Kings, but his presence and impact will be felt and live forever. Patrick "Pakelika" Cochrun was a very unique and special person. He is a man that had convictions and honor. We had traveled the world together and played hundreds of shows together. The memories and experiences we had together will live forever in our hearts and souls. We want to thank the underground for the tremendous outpouring of grief and support.Take care of yourselves  and spread love and positive vibrations..Rest in peace Big Pak you will be missed!
- Kmk

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