Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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The Official KMK King Klick App

Check out the Kottonmouth Kings - King Klick Mobile Backstage App!
You can upload pictures, videos, and even record your voice messages, create profiles and even message and interact with the band themselves. Did we mention its FREE? And you can download it straight to your Smart Phone via the App Store, Google Shop or Nokia!

iTunes Link:
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For those of you not on a mobile device you can access the App from this website by clicking on the King Klick App Icon:

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therealdloc: The sky is blue, hills are green..the vibes are's good.. Happy & healthy is the way enjoy this...
TheDirtball: Potatoes, carrots, arugula, and onion bulbs are all in. Purple basil, cilantro, and dill on deck inside.
therealdloc: Here's another one..I can go on for days...I will stop here..when you work hard , live on the road an represent...
therealdloc: How big is your logo been tattooed on some skin..prop's to this homie....#respect... #kmkfam #kmkdloc...
kottonmouth: Buddah Fest 4/19 Orange County, CA
therealdloc: What up!!! Just got done having some lunch!!! Guess were? Haha!! Had some good conversation with @solistek ,...