Sunday, April 20, 2014

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New Exclusive Kottonmouth Kings interview from the Gathering of the Juggalos!

The Kottonmouth Kings took the time out of their busy schedules to talk to us at the Gathering of the Juggalos! They were fresh off the stage, and Big Ian sat them down to find out the latest happenings with the Kings, their solo projects, the freshly released “Mile High” album, their work with Twiztid, and lots more!  I think this is our best KMK interview we’ve ever conducted, and want to thank Sub Noize, Psychopathic Records, and the Kottonmouth Kings themselves for taking the time to do this. Peep the interview below:

As always, you can find this interview and all of the others in our Interviews section!

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djbobbybkmk: @KM4peace ive been playing @PrettyLights for years in my dj sets and on my personal time.. definitely one of the best producers in my book.
djbobbybkmk: Sold out home shows are the much love in the place tonight.great seeing everyone . Tuscon at 8…
braddaddyx: Pass around The Good Word:All new Free Kmk Ep at High Noon on 420:Thank you for all of the years:United Family...
kottonmouth: Too stoned Arizona,Come spend 420 Today with Kmk at The Pima Fair-$8 dollars gets you in-Kmk hits main Stage at...
braddaddyx: Thank you for Making the United Family Musics Buddah Festival A memorable Night;The dawning of a new era..Free...
kottonmouth: We do this Because we love it..Something's are not for sale,Some Thing cannot be stolen:Free Kmk Ep at High Noon,Happy 420