Monday, July 28, 2014

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Medical Marijuana Dispensary Ban Advances In L.A. City Council

No More Medical Marijuana Dispensaries In Los Angeles?

By Berry Bluntman

Well Boys and Girls – the day we all feared would come, has finally shown up. The L.A. city planning commission, P.L.U.M. committee, recently went on a tear about how Los Angeles is currently faced with more than 65 lawsuits, along with a host of other marijuana related issues, and that all L.A. pot shops should be closed.

So,  showing their in depth knowledge of the topic, decided that with the help of the PLUM committee to shut down all of the local medical marijuana collectives that are currently doing business in LA.

If this ban goes through …

1.) Street Level Marijuana Dealers Will Come Out In Force

2.) Marijuana Delivery Services Will Proliferate

3.) The Sick And Elderly Will Be Made Victims (Lack Of Access / Price Gouging )

4.) Marijuana Tax Revenue will Plummet

5.) Marijuana Patients Will Lose Access To Safe, Tested Marijuana (Street Dealers Don’t Test)

6.) The Sick That Can’t Grow their Own Weed Will Be Dependent on The Kindness Of Others.

7.) Crime Will Have A New Revenue Source (Fill The Vacuum of Missing “D’s”)

8.) L.A.’s Jails Will Be Overburdened Beyond Belief. (As Cops Now Chase Down St. Dealers)

9.) The Judicial System Will Run Into Back Logged Cases That Cost Tax Payers $$$$$

10.) L.A.’s New Ban Would Create A Whole New Wave Of Marijuana Cultivators

One can’t help but wonder, if the L.A. city planning committees decision yesterday, to ban all medical marijuana collectives in the city of Los Angeles, is a byproduct of the 420 communities events and lifestyle. Or more that the L.A. city council was unable, unwilling or unprepared to draft adequate laws and regulations that would provide protections for both the citizen mmj patients of Los Angeles, as well as the residence and taxpayers of the local municipalities.

Source: Marijuana.Com



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