Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Marijuana Research: CBD Cannabinoid – A New Therapy For Skin Diseases?

Phytocannabinoids, Skin Diseases and You…

Being the largest organ on your body your skin helps to moderate the body’s temperature, and protects us from infections. Sometimes your skin is flaky – sometimes it’s just itchy. No matter what the condition, skin diseases can adversely affect your appearance, creating embarrassing situations and festering low self-esteem. Now, thanks to a new study recently published by the British Journal of Pharmacology – marijuana’s miracle cannabinoids have been shown to play a beneficial role in the treatment of many skin diseases.

“A role for endocannabinoid signaling has been reported in the control of epidermal physiology, whereby anandamide is able to regulate the expression of skin differentiation genes through DNA methylation. Here, we have investigated the possible epigenetic regulation of these genes by selected phytocannabinoids, plant-derived cannabinoids holding potential as novel therapeutics for various human diseases.”

For this study the effects marijuana’s cannabinoids; cannabidiol [CBD], cannabigerol [CBG] and cannabidivarin were scrutinized in human keratinocytes (HaCaT cells), searching for the expression of skin differentiation genes keratins, and on DNA methylation of keratin 10 gene. Additionally, any changes encouraged by phytocannabinoids in global DNA methylation.

The management of infected HaCaT cells with the CBD cannabinoid [cannabidiol] or  CBG [cannabigerol] dramatically minimized the expression of all genes tested via increased DNA methylation for keratin 10 gene.

Concluding that; “phytocannabinoids cannabidiol and cannabigerol as transcriptional repressors that can control cell proliferation and differentiation, suggesting (especially for cannabidiol) a possible exploitation as lead compounds to be used in the development of novel therapeutics for skin diseases.”


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