Sunday, July 13, 2014

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Light a candle in memory of Pakelika

Our new record is in stores tomorrow. Its a very bitter sweet moment for us with the passing of Pakelika. Lets celebrate Pak's life and get the whole underground movement to light a candle at 4:20 this week in memory of Pakelika.


Tags:  Pakelika, RIP, Mile High
Category:  On the Road


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TheDirtball: That was a crazy day. Not into dry lightning on a 95 degree set.
therealdloc: Peek a boo 1966 V.W - Chilling under the Cali sun- i want to this at a bug show soon..#ripperside #vw
therealdloc: It's time for a Chelada cuZz!! tasty Sunday got these oldies playing on the radio! Chilling #family
TheDirtball: Lightning, thunder, and forest fires. Central Oregon is a tinder box right now. Yikes.
therealdloc: On this nice Sunday stroll through the neighborhood with @paisleymariemiller busting trick's - lol - #familyfun
TheDirtball: Ellie sure loves a few cubes.