Monday, May 25, 2015

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Letter from Daddy X

Kings and Kweens,
Aug 14th KMK drops "Mile High" the most banging KMK record to date. We are asking you to help us shock the World and help us get the word out anywhere and everywhere, to show the power of this underground movement.
It's time to take action, this is a call to organize and take it to the streets. It is time for the industry to get bitch slapped by the underground!
We want to thank you for 17 years of loyal support!! "Mile High" is the record that will leave no doubt to all the haters & sellouts. We could not do this without you. Stand up and be counted!!
Lets shock the world Aug 14th 2012 and make history. The day the underground rose to smash the corny bullshit that mainstream is shoving down our throats. We need all the Kings and Kweens worldwide to take action. Bang it full volume.
The Kings are declaring War on the industry!! We can't do this without you the fans. This is family first-Help KMK shock the World-Mile High out everywhere Aug 14th.
We put together a slamming record that will rattle trunks from coast to coast. See you on the battle fields. The "Mile High"Tour is in full effect!! Stay down for the Krown!! Next stop mobilize and legalize!!
Its time for Action!
Peace, love and respect.
X & The Kottonmouth Kings



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