Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Kottonmouth Kings "Mile High" Tour Review on Juggalo News

The Kottonmouth Kings are currently touring the United States in support of their latest studio album, "Mile High". The "Mile High" tour also features the Moonshine Bandits, Big B, and Prozak. When we arrived at the concert, there was a line of screaming fans already waiting outside of the venue. They were singing their favorite Kottonmouth Kings songs despite the rainy weather. Everyone was excited to see their favorite band. While in line, fans received visits from the tour members who passed out posters and other Kottonmouth Kings memorabilia.


Once the doors were finally opened, the venue filled quickly. People of all ages socialized while the bands prepared to go on. DJ ChopStiqs was already on stage. He initiated the entertainment with a brief solo performance, spinning hip hop laced with country rock music to set the tone for the first show. The Moonshine Bandits are fairly new to Suburban Noize Records but they have already earned an impressive following. The crowd responded well to their performance. Songs such as "Moonshine on Me", "Whiskey River", and "Fire It Up" were especially well received. That night the country emcees showed their versatility as they rocked a city venue full of hardcore hip hop fans.




Big B is a longtime vet on Suburban Noize Records. If you haven't heard his solo work, than you might have heard his vocals on a variety of projects with the Kottonmouth Kings, Subnoize Souljaz and OPM. He was also recently featured on the "Kaos and Kronik" tour with Kottonmouth Kings and Twiztid. He is recognizably one of the hardest working emcees in the game. His stage show is bold and loud with a blatant "don't give a fuck" attitude, yet he's able to captivate a wide audience with his unique style of reggae and rock influenced hip hop melodies. The audience cheered and sang along to classic Big B hits such as "Sinner", "Criminal", and "Hooligan".

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