Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Kottonmouth Kings go full throttle at B.B. Kings

The world’s best punk/rap stoner quartet crashed into B.B. King’s in Times Square on Friday night, delivering a wild show for the Kottonmouth Kings’ loyal ‘kings and kweens’ who showed up to get down for the crown. Or is it krown?

On the surface, it might be hard to see the appeal of the KMK if you don’t love (like really, really love) weed and/or Insane Clown Posse-style white rap. The band’s albums and lyrics read like a Saturday Night Live parody of legalization campaigns, and frankly it’s amazing that the band members and their crew aren’t regularly targeted by law enforcement. But detractors would be missing out on a crucial factor of the Kings, and that’s that these Southern California stoners are staggeringly fun rappers, and put on one hell of a rock show to boot.

The average age at Friday night’s concert seemed to be about 17, or not quite old enough to buy cigarettes. Tobacco, however was not the plant of choice for the night, as fans decked themselves out in green t-shirts, bandanas and jewelry all featuring the five pointed marijuana leaf, as well as ICP’s hatchet man logo. Joints were surreptitiously passed around during opening acts, including the always-fantastic Prozac (who also opened for Tech N9ne’s Highline Ballroom concert in June). But everything changed once the Kottonmouth Kings bounced onto stage and bone-rattling basslines began to thunder across the room.

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