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Kottonmouth Kings Fire Up With

The full moon always seems to bring bizarre events in life… some good, some bad. Yesterday was filled with nothing but good. As another Friday unfolded, slaving before the keyboard trying to pound out some verbiage that made sense of the garbage that passes as daily marijuana news. I found myself several bong hits deep into the day when  I was notified that I would be having a “surprise visitor” – one I would be stoked to meet. [Sigh] What kind of cruel joke awaits me as the punch line to this comment?

When any of the sales team for manges to sneak off sales floor and make it up to my office, they’re subjected to a couple of things; a.) increased decibel music, generally spitting out some form of the Kottonmouth Kings. b.) a request that they help me sample some of the fine medications on deck for pending strain reviews. After years of being assaulted with the overbearing sound system set up in my office, they have grown to understand my deep seeded affection for the KMK and their pro-marijuana music.  Not only is their music directed at the positive nature and outcome of the cannabis lifestyle, but they also emphasize the fun of living in Southern California at a time in history that allows us to openly consume medical marijuana wiith only a minimal fear of a goose stepping police force, hell bent on enforcing a close minded set of toxic repercussions.

As my day progressed… and after having had a couple of different conversation with other victims of the vicious and unrelenting full moon, I had been preparing for my turn on the lunar cycle of misery with several dank and sticky bong rips. Bearing in mind that my “surprise visitor” arranged by the sales staff, could well be a malicious and spiteful trick. As history has shown around the office, only the weak or low I.Q.’d  drop their defensive guard around these guys.

A knock at the office door alerted me to the potential need to re-arrange my 420 equipment. As Frank Dank burst through the door, closely followed by two faces that I instantly recognized.  The first tall, spiky blond haired man was Brad Daddy X…  followed by a tatted out, ear to ear grinning D-Loc.  Though I generally try to present a reserved facade, this time I found myself absolutely out of my element and uttering obscenities along the lines of, “I fucking dig your shit man,” before I could gain my thoughts or composure. Oh well, so much for a cool exterior.

Now  face-to-face with two of Southern California’s most influential pro-marijuana lifestyle figureheads (and the guys that I’ve been listening to for the last 15+ years) what a stoked feeling.  Standing in my office, down to experience a little bit of the 420 love that has for the KMK.

As we went through the formal introductions…I introduced myself as Monterey Bud, a pseudonym by which I post under. — Side Note: The last time Franky brought up one of the Kottonmouth Kings, I was head down with a heavy mental load and a mind ablaze with several strain reviews under my belt. As such I had missed the first opportunity to sit down and rap with D –Loc,  which did not sit well with me. This time I was going to try and extract all the little tidbits of information that I wanted to know from a personal standpoint.

D-Loc and I sat and smoked several bong loads of some Dank Big Meech OG that had been delivered to me (a Ca. Prop 215 patient) by West Coast Cure. As the mood became elevated, I started asking about the different solo careers of the individuals in the KMK; such as, Johnny Richter, Brad Daddy X, and Dirtball. D went on to explain that the Kottonmouth Kings were about to deliver some new chronic nugs on a disc called “Mile High” due out Aug 14, 2012. Hanging out with D – hitting a couple of Dab’s – and many bong rips, while sampling some of their new songs was like a sweet exclamation point on my day of full moon  weirdness. D-Loc went on to explain that KMK performs as a united group touring constantly, smoking out crowds from coast to coast. Yet, when they’re not on tour as KMK, they have each cultivated careers as solo artists.

D explained that Sub Noise is the record label that the Kottonmouth Kings started from seed and have since grown with hydroponic speed. Sub Noise not only pimps out KMK’s harvest of dense, bass-rich tunes, it also supports the careers of many pro weed rappers within the marijuana genre.

Quick Q & A with KMK:

Monterey Bud: Where do you guys currently record?

D-Loc: We built our own studio out in the high desert of Riverside county, but each of us records in different location based on current whereabouts.

Monterey Bud: So… Sub Noise, what is that entity to KMK?

D-Loc : [chokes down hit] Its our sandbox man. It’s the Lab … we are making Frankenstein shit there. It’s the label that KMK formed so that we could be independent of the commercial machine and their insane ideas. Plus, as we travel around the US, we keep digging up these under nourished acts that have benefited from the KMK blend of special nutrients.

Monterey Bud: I grew up on the Monterey peninsula – and most of my buddies and I would get way irie before paddling out. Blasting KMK on our ipods – getting pumped up on the 30 min hike down the trail at one of our favorite Big Sur surf spots — out of curiosity… do any of you guys surf?

D-Loc : I live in Riverside… and Brad Daddy lives out in Tehachapi, so we skate, and snowboard. We haven’t got the time that it takes to get good surf.

Monterey Bud: High Times Cannabis 2011 San Francisco… what happened with the show?

Brad Daddy X: It was a mix-up in the booking. It was supposed to be an appearance by one of the guys in the band and instead it was presented in the press as a Kottonmouth Kings performance… I was out of the country at the time.

By now Brad Daddy is back from his journey around the 30,000 + sq. ft. complex that is WeedMaps / HQ in downtown Newport Beach, and has now found a new best friend in my noon time couch pillow. Brad mentioned “ I gotta get a picture of me with this thing.” “Shit Bro… it’s yours!” I exclaimed. “No… I can’t,” Brad shot back instantly. I went on to explain that gets kicked down a ton of schwag on a daily basis’s for our Facebook contests. After a few polite back and forths of this nature,  I got him to relent and take the Nug pillow. First off – this dank marijuana pillow cover will now have a life in the inner sanctum of the KMK world. Second, I get to post this freaking cool pic of my new bud mugging hard with his 420 nap friend. Check them out on Facebook.

Source:  Kottonmouth Kings Fire Up With

Brad-Daddy-X-_and-Nug Pillow from

Brad-Daddy-X-_and-Nug Pillow from


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