Saturday, July 26, 2014

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Japan Meet and Greet with the Kings!

コットンマウス・キングス、ビッグBのMeet And Greetを10/9東京O-West単独公演前420pmから会場にて

The Mile High Tour is about to hit Japan! If you haven't already check the Tour section for the dates! The Kings will be doing a Meet and Greet signing TUE 10/9 Tokyo Shibuya O-West at 4:20PM. See you there!

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braddaddyx: Down for the Krown -Wear it like a Badge of Honor-It's never meant more...Thank you
kottonmouth: It's 420 am..the The Dirtball &Chucky Chuck entered the Mushroom portal...
kottonmouth: Underground Smash-Kottonmouth bitch!!!
kottonmouth: Underground Smash-Kottonmouth bitch!!!
braddaddyx: Great Night At The Gathering,-Saturday at 2pm live on psychopathic radio :hosted by the Wolfpac
therealdloc: Bill Fold from 98 posse!! Og - he is a big part of Coachella music festival he is here getting his clown on haha...