Monday, April 27, 2015

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Happy Friday Aug 10 Kings and Kweens!

Happy Friday Kings and Kweens, Heres a few buds to get you through the weekend! See you on the road!

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braddaddyx: Road dogs-Chucky Chuck and D-Loc &X in the Goodtime Zone
therealdloc: Throwing the flags up...have pride in your shit...we the pirates of the seas only fake's jumping...
therealdloc: Now it's time to start digging into the files -clock enterprises blanks - lots to choose from - getting the new...
therealdloc: Goo goo gaga! It's a new day and I feel great - thank you mommy and daddy for having me I love my family hehe!
therealdloc: It's me and my skate - in this world of hate and confusion - I shred all day to create an illusion - or a fantasy...
therealdloc: Sunday fun day!!! hanging out with @paisleymariemiller ☀️ yeee haw!!! #dlockmk #paisleymariemiller