Saturday, April 18, 2015

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FREE Nugg of the Week: "Soon Come"

Hey Kings and Kweens, just wanted to let you know the new FREE Nugg of the Week is up and ready for download! This weeks featured download is Kottonmouth Kings - "Soon Come" off of "Hidden Stash 5 - Bong loads and B-Sides" Just head over to the DOWNLOAD page or the HIGH-TUNES page to get your FREE Download!

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kottonmouth: Packing Up for 420 Weekend-PoZo saloon mañana with Tech 9&Sublime S L O
braddaddyx: We Strive to Create Higher Vibrations-Our New Label Launches In June!!
kottonmouth: Stoned Silly-KMK live at PoZo saloon Saturday with Sublime&Tech 9
kottonmouth: Let's Get Ripped!!
kottonmouth: Whose got the Munchies?Its 420 weekend