Sunday, August 30, 2015

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FREE Nugg of the Week: "Dead N Gone"

Head over to the High-Tunes or Downloads section for this weeks Nugg of the Week! This weeks Nugg of the week is "Dead N Gone" off of the Kottonmouth Kings Hidden Stash 5 - Bong Loads & B-Sides.

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TheDirtball: Just broke up a bow hunter convention on lower line with quad. They all sit and ponder how to get to the big bucks on the prop. Suckazzzz!
TheDirtball: Fuk yeah!!! Enjoy!!!!
therealdloc: Head on over to your local best buy an grab #krownpower if you hadn't already it's about to break in in the...
braddaddyx: Audio War Video Is Live and cracking
kottonmouth: Have you grabbed your copy yet??? "Krown Power" dropped yesterday in case you didn't know!! Head to your local...