Sunday, May 24, 2015

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DJ Bobby B Spinning @ Unionway Fest 2012 Afterparty

本邦初!!DJ ボビーB(コットンマウス・キングス)の本気のDJプレイが聴けるユニオンウェイフェス・アフターパーティ10/8開催!

DJ Bobby B will be spinning live at the Unionway Fest 2012 Afterparty in  Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan! The party kicks off Monday Night, Oct. 8th. See the flyer for details. Hope you can make it out, See you there!

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Category:  KMK Live, On the Road


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TheDirtball: Been doin' it for 20+. Follow the fern. #mushroom #morel
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