Friday, September 30, 2016

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DEA To Legalize Natural THC… But Only For Big Pharma

Those of us within the medical marijuana industry – suffer no illusion regarding what is apparently the true nature of the DEA, and their make-believe war on drugs. As the DEA’s fantasy war against its own people, has been framed in such a way as to not offend the public. While at the same time fooling them into believing that their children are being protected from dangerous drugs; when in actuality, the DEA is merely protecting the massive profits that are being raked in by the major drug companies. These major pharmaceuticals companies have a long and sorted history of finding ‘street corner’ drug trends. Then copying, repackaging and distributing them as a new medication. Then just for good measure, selling them back to our kids – as some new FDA wonder pill.

Well get ready for a twist of perversion that no one could’ve seen coming. The DEA is currently stomping throughout the country, proclaiming marijuana’s ill effects on society and busting every medical marijuana collective, that dares to stick their head above the street corners that they have been relegated to. The DEA has gone to great lengths to get the THC cannabinoid reclassified as a schedule three substance. The purpose for rescheduling just the THC cannabinoid, is so that when big Pharma gets their hydroponic marijuana plantations up and cranking out buds, the THC extracted from those plants then made into THC pills… would be perfectly legal.

Yet – if the local marijuana cultivator down the block makes the mistake of trying to cultivate his own medical marijuana as a means of producing his own THC for the same medical purposes – he would be guilty of a federal crime, and would likely face and unwanted visit from the DEA.

One can’t help but wonder after 30+ years, and trillions of dollars spent on the war on drugs. Why the DEA would all of a sudden decide that THC was worthy of being legalized? Simply put — Big Pharma gets… what big Pharma asks for. And that is exactly what happened. Many pharmaceutical companies including Merck, Pfizer, and Johnson and Johnson had all approached the DEA and asked that THC be rescheduled; as a schedule III substance.

As a means of trying to explain its actions, the DEA was noted as explaining that the proposed deed would further expand some cannabinoids to a schedule 3 classification. Its new definition would now include a naturally derived formulation of THC.

Just so that we can keep track of the lopsided logic deployed by the DEA, let’s take a quick look back. Marinol – currently an FDA approved synthetic THC drug – which is already recognized as a legal pharmaceutical by the DEA.

As ass backwards as it gets — Now the DEA is stating that other new generic drugs, which contain natural THC, from real marijuana plants — cultivated from seed, can also be recognized as a pharmaceutical. What the DEA failed to acknowledge was that — without natural marijuana, synthetic THC would not even exist.

Source: DEA To Legalize Natural THC… But Only For Big Pharma



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