Sunday, May 24, 2015

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Cheeky Monkey Sarnia Review: Kottonmouth Kings - Mile High

Kottonmouth Kings are more than just a group, they’re an institution ingrained into the fabric of the underground independent music scene. They’ve transcended labels and stereotypes to become pioneers and vanguards that have helped inspire and revolutionize the music industry.

Throughout the Kottonmouth Kings 15-year career, they have refused to remain stagnant. Without the aid of radio, MTV, or mainstream press, the Kings have managed to evolve and enjoy some of the best success of their career more that a decade after the release of their debut album.

After experimenting with mellow tones and “Sunrise Sessions” Kottonmouth Kings return with a vengeance to the hard edge sound their fans want. The highly successful debut single and video “Hold It In” was a massive hit among the fan base with over 200K views in less that a month.


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kottonmouth: The look on your face when someone is blazin that Fire but not passin it around!! Haha #KrownPower #KMKAllDay
TheDirtball: Been doin' it for 20+. Follow the fern. #mushroom #morel
TheDirtball: Been doin' it for 20+. Follow the fern. #mushroom #morel
kottonmouth: We got that Punk Rock mentality!! We pave our own path and don't give a fuck what the haters say!! Catch us live...
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