Saturday, October 25, 2014

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Canada: Parliament's Scathing Report on Pot's 'Harm'

16 hours ago [totalcount] View Comments
Members of the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health issued a 24-page report this week focusing on “marijuana’s health risks and harms... Read More

Prison Guard Smuggled Pot In Sandwiches

17 hours ago [totalcount] View Comments
Smuggling marijuana into the prison system is an operation that takes a certain level of guts and ingenuity to pull it off without ending up on the... Read More

San Diego Patients Under Siege (VIDEO)

17 hours ago [totalcount] View Comments
Earlier this week, a reader passed along the following note and video to us. It's a frustrating tale that unfortunately is all too common, even in... Read More

Does Legal Weed Violate International Drug Treaties?

1 day ago [totalcount] View Comments
The United States government has been in violation of international drug treaties for the past few years, ever since allowing the fine people of... Read More

Marijuana Decriminalization In California Did Not Turn Kids into Drug Addicts

1 day ago [totalcount] View Comments
Proponents of prohibition often attempt to sandbag the issue of legal marijuana by pounding fear into the minds of the average citizen that any... Read More

Marijuana Policy Project PAC Throws Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton Under Bus

1 day ago [totalcount] View Comments
In a press release sent our way by an MNGOP-affiliated source, the D.C.-based Marijuana Policy Project PAC pledges to make a maximum financial... Read More

Oregon Anti-Pot Campaign Makes the Case FOR Legalization

3 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
On Friday, Mandi Puckett, the head of the No on Measure 91 campaign trying to defeat legalization in Oregon, held a press conference Friday that was... Read More

Colorado Official Recommends Banning Nearly All Marijuana Edibles

3 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
"We want the general public to be able to tell a marijuana cookie from a Chips Ahoy cookie just by looking at it." That's the intent behind the... Read More


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