Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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Marijuana Decriminalization in Santa Fe Likely Going to Voters in November

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Live in Santa Fe, New Mexico? Use cannabis? Well, this November you should vote to make your life just a little easier and stress-free by voting to... Read More

Iowans Say New CBD-Only Medical Cannabis Laws Don't Help

34 min ago [totalcount] View Comments
Would-be legal medical cannabis users in Iowa say the state's CBD-only medical cannabis program isn't meeting their needs. It isn't necessarily... Read More

Marijuana Lowers Risk of Domestic Violence

35 min ago [totalcount] View Comments
The use of alcohol significantly increases one’s likelihood of becoming either a perpetrator or a victim of a violent act, including acts of... Read More

Study says states with medical marijuana laws see far fewer opioid overdoses

20 hours ago [totalcount] View Comments
Week after week, we report on headlines and stories regarding the many, many potential health benefits there are to responsible cannabis use. From... Read More

Colorado Officials Admit Pot Sales System Incriminates Buyers, Attorney Says

20 hours ago [totalcount] View Comments
Colorado attorney Rob Corry recently asked for a temporary restraining order to halt tax collection while the matter is considered, but Denver... Read More

Painkiller Deaths Drop By 25% in Medical Marijuana States

1 day ago [totalcount] View Comments
Marijuana advocates have long known that the holy plant can be a great replacement for other types of addiction that come with the use of more... Read More

DARE program being cut from school budgets nationwide

1 day ago [totalcount] View Comments
As summer break winds to an end, and another school year begins, many unsuspecting 5th graders and junior high students across the country will get... Read More

China Says They've Found the Largest Pot Field in History, Just Don't Expect to See It

1 day ago [totalcount] View Comments
The Chinese government is saying that they have located the largest cannabis field in the country's history using satellite imagery. How big? You... Read More


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