Tuesday, September 1, 2015

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Anti Music Singled Out Feature Part 2 - This Addiction

The Kottonmouth Kings release their new album, Mile High, this week. To celebrate we asked them to tell us about a couple of their favorite songs. Today The Dirtball tells us about the song "This Addiction."

It's The Dirtball from the Kottonmouth Kings! I chose the song "This Addiction" to discuss, for both obvious and necessary reasons. One of several smashing punk rock tracks on our banging new record "Mile High", "This Addiction" steers toward the tail-chasing journeys of addiction itself.

Yes it's cliché, but not cliché enough! That would be the obvious side of the song title. I wanted to portray the addiction of doing this life we call music. The song could easily fit any template you place in it, and we all rap about different sides of it, but mine focuses on the addiction of touring, and rocking my life away, because I am as hooked as heroin.

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