Monday, December 22, 2014

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Seth Rogan: How a Stoner and His Movie Started an International Hacking Incident and Threats of Mass Death

3 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
Sony assumed North Korea would hate the movie. The question was: What would it do? Pyongyang had just tested its atom bomb and threatened "... Read More

The Top Five Marijuana Data Points of 2014

3 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
The year 2014 may be looked back on as the watershed for nationwide legalization of marijuana hit the tipping point. Aside from marijuana becoming... Read More

Colorado Medical Pot Sales Outpace Recreational in September and October

3 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
Medical marijuana patient numbers continued to climb in Colorado recent months, increasing from 115,710 people at the start of September to 117,239... Read More

Three Ridiculous Pot Laws in Texas (Out of Many)

3 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
So, there's more good news on the marijuana legalization front, and this time, it's coming to us straight from the Lone Star state. This week, Texas... Read More

Delaware Sets Sights on Decriminalization and Legalization

5 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
Delaware’s one and only marijuana dispensary should open in 2015, but right now, people in Delaware can go to jail for just a dime bag. Likewise, a... Read More

Texas State Rep Calls for Full Decriminalization of Marijuana in Lone Star State

5 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
A bill filed Monday in advance of the upcoming session of the Texas Legislature would make the maximum penalty for the possession of less than an... Read More

Phoenix-Area Native American Communities Mum on Legalizing Pot

5 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
Legal marijuana could be a reality in the Phoenix area even if pot remains illegal under Arizona law. News broke last week that the Justice... Read More

Did Congress Stop Marijuana Legalization in D.C.?

6 days ago [totalcount] View Comments
An anti-pot rider reflects prohibitionist weakness. The omnibus spending bill that Congress approved last week includes a rider aimed at blocking... Read More


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