Friday, March 6, 2015

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The Future of Legal Weed in DC: Part 1

9 hours ago 24 views View Comments
At the recent Comfy Tree Cannabis Expo held at the Holiday Inn Capitol, DC Councilmember David Grosso spoke in front of hundreds of cannabis... Read More

Sheriffs Sue Colorado Over Legal Marijuana Law

9 hours ago 25 views View Comments
Colorado has already been sued over its marijuana legalization law by neighboring states Nebraska and Oklahoma as well as by individual property... Read More

Employers in Washington D.C. Banned From Weed Testing

1 day ago 60 views View Comments
While the nation's capital attempts to solve its legal cannabis conundrum, Washington D.C.'s city council has already begun protecting patients... Read More

Denver Plans to Restrict Medical Marijuana Cultivation

1 day ago 63 views View Comments
The City of Denver is looking to castrate area medical marijuana cultivation operations in the interest of public safety. In a report issued on... Read More

Pot Growers Convicted on Fed Count in State Where It's Legal

1 day ago 52 views View Comments
ASSOCIATED PRESS SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) -- Three people were found guilty Tuesday of growing marijuana, but they also were... Read More

ashington D.C. Faces a Medical Marijuana Drought

2 days ago 65 views View Comments
Medical marijuana patients in Washington, D.C. celebrating the capital's legal weed law last week may have run into one slight issue: only one joint... Read More

Legalization Has The DEA Scared of Stoned Rabbits Wreaking Havoc

2 days ago 72 views View Comments
egal in four states (plus D.C.!) and medically legal in 23 states (plus D.C.!), marijuana has pretty much taken over America. For most logic-minded... Read More

NORML Helps Explain DC's New Marijuana Law

3 days ago 60 views View Comments
The District of Columbia experienced a historic moment Friday night when DC NORML stopped by the 21st Amendment Bar at the Holiday Inn Capitol to... Read More


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kottonmouth: Employers can no longer test for weed in D.C.// Denver plans to restrict medical marijuana…
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