Since his debut with counter-culture icons Kottonmouth Kings in 1994, D-Loc has soared to the heights of success by selling over 2 million albums and over a million in concerts tickets from over 1,500 live performances in the group’s decade plus existence. Kottonmouth Kings have infiltrated the mainstream on their own terms and each of the group’s albums has hit the Billboard Charts Top 200, even debuting as high as #26 on the charts. Their accomplishments are even more impressive given the fact that they have remained completely independent from the mainstream, without the aid of a major label.

Kottonmouth Kings/Kingspade front man D-Loc is a diverse artist who can spit fire on club banging beats in Kingspade, mellow out with stoney acoustics in Kottonmouth Kings or showcase his impressive skills.

D-Loc Tunes

Bong Tokes & Love Notes EP
United Family Music
The Weedman
Suburban Noize Records
Made For Kings
Suburban Noize Records
Throw Your Spades Up
Suburban Noize Records
Kingspade PTB
Suburban Noize Records
Suburban Noize Records
Shakey Bonez - The Greenroom
Suburban Noize Records

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