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Kottonmouth Kings - "Ganja Glow" off of Krown Power
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High Tunes

The Buddah Shack EP

United Family Music
  1. Buddah Headz
  2. Eternal Speed (feat. C4MULA)
  3. Jump Over
  4. Fuck Whatcha Heard (feat. Saint Dog)
  5. Walk the Line (feat. C4MULA)

Sunrise Sessions

Suburban Noize Records

Legalize It

Suburban Noize Records
  1. Stonetown
  2. My Garden
  3. Rise Above
  4. Soon Come
  5. Ganja Daze
  6. We Will Fall


High Society


Social Feeds

kottonmouth: Fire it up-audio war video shoot http://t.co/TGTCAgXkxk
braddaddyx: United Family in Full Effect
kottonmouth: Is that D-Loc chilling with COCO at Blaze and glory festival-Big respect to Ice -T
kottonmouth: Crossing the Line for a cold one http://t.co/cYc2ArS0rC
kottonmouth: Keep It Moving,growing in a positive light!!Krownpower http://t.co/52fVQH42sg
kottonmouth: #Repost @dlockmk ・・・ Stomping on stages see our faces on magizine front pages.. @thekottonmouthkings in full... http://t.co/pXBEGMCAeW