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Kottonmouth Kings - The Buddah Shack E.P.
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Sunrise Sessions

Suburban Noize Records

Legalize It

Suburban Noize Records
  1. Stonetown
  2. My Garden
  3. Rise Above
  4. Soon Come
  5. Ganja Daze
  6. We Will Fall

Long Live the Kings [Best Buy Exclusive Edition]

Suburban Noize Records


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kottonmouth: Today's featured item: Kottonmouth Kings - Warriors (Glow in the Dark) T-shirt - http://t.co/9AAUEP1Ta6 http://t.co/jTXub5701n
kottonmouth: ♫ Just Announced: Sioux Falls, SD - Aug 21 at The District http://t.co/y5g9jmQPqa
kottonmouth: Solid Krown! Thanks for posting your #KMKInk Chris Hill! http://t.co/kdjIRZaUTP
therealdloc: Hip hop & punk rock music is what i grew up on..#kmk is a mixture of the two- I have always thought those style... http://t.co/kh37JaKT8s