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Kottonmouth Kings - "Watch Out" Feat. Twiztid
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Suburban Noize Records
  1. Stonetown
  2. My Garden
  3. Rise Above
  4. Soon Come
  5. Ganja Daze
  6. We Will Fall

Long Live the Kings [Best Buy Exclusive Edition]

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therealdloc: Come join me over here........I'm no longer apart of sub-noize... "UNITED FAMILY MUSIC" is where I'm at...the new... http://t.co/9bvIBL7lM1
djbobbybkmk: Sound checking City Hall for tonight...#denver http://t.co/omCHDdms08
therealdloc: Check this old rag out!! pretty gangstaaaa...haha! doing some verse for the new #kmk record with the homie @judged12 http://t.co/liXxjL8aWN
kottonmouth: Not too late to pick up your VIP Ticket for 4/19/14! V.I.P Package Includes: Ticket to the Show Lanyard V.I.P... http://t.co/j6iG7aDyJM
kottonmouth: 4:20 on the West Coast! #FireItUp!